Case Study: Coca Cola

When we were first approached in 2019 by Coca Cola, we were unsure if we were ready to work with such a large and established brand. By this point, we had worked with major corporations but nothing compared to Coca Cola. We were emailed directly by their North American bottling plant group concerning an upcoming sales meeting.

There were three main goals; to create a sales presentation, an annual report, and the packaging & contents for a gift box that would be handed out at the conclusion of the meeting.

Behind The Scenes

The sales manager who initiated contact provided us with an extremely thorough brief, alongside equally as thorough guidelines and brand assets. He allowed us the freedom to explore the well known brand and this can be seen in our first concepts for the presentation, which were quite far from their usual corporate presentations.

Starting with the slideshow, we opted to use Adobe InDesign as it would allow us to design without limitations. We used a simple Microsoft Word document to get the copy approved, plus it enabled us to come up with a rough layout too. From there, we moved into InDesign so that we could begin working on the overall presentation.

It had to feel part of the brand but we could move away from their traditional styles. The result was a delicate grey background that meant we could use the stronger brand red and bold black colours to greater effect. Perhaps most importantly, the information needed to be clearly presented for the audience.

Likewise for the annual report, we moved away from their corporate document design and came up with a great interactive report that could still be printed if needed. The graphs were animated to show progress, and the overall motion graphics on the report made it digestable and exciting.

The pivotal part of the project was the creation of a box that could fit inside it all the products they wanted to hand out to investors, including our report, pitch deck, and an assortment of Coca Cola related merchandise. We decided on the dominant brand red colour, matched with a plain white logo, swish, and the legendary bottle design to cover the lower part of the box.


Overall, this was a fantastic and unique project for us. Over the months, we learned a great deal about working with an enormous team as well as how to cope with a behemoth brand like Coca Cola. The results were undeniably successful, and our feedback was great.

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